Energocontract Weaving and logistics complex

In 2015 Energocontract started up a new weaving and logistics complex.

The Complex of 8,500 m2 is situated in the Moscow region quite near to the Company’s research-and-production facility.  It comprises warping and weaving production as well as a modern logistics complex.

Annual weaving capacity is 1,600,000 running meters of aramid fabrics.

The logistics complex occupies 3,600 m2 of the premises.

The best modern equipment available at the market has been chosen by Energocontract for its new production facility: 12 looms from PICANOL (Belgium), warping equipment from companies MATTHYS NV (Belgium), GROZ-BECKERT (Germany) and climatic units MAZZINICI SRL (Italy).

Creating its own weaving factory and starting up the logistics complex will allow Energocontract to considerably decrease dependence on imported materials, to stabilize the cost of products in the long term, to guarantee quality of each manufacturing operation, to simplify logistics and optimize delivery terms of final products to customers.