Quality Management policy

In 2007 Group of companies Energocontract launched its own research and development facility with the aims of insuring quality control of every part production, expanding its own scientific base, uniting existing logistic chains and shortening delivery time.

The complex of 15 700 m2 is located in the Moscow region and comprises more than 5000 technological operations.

Main activities of Group of companies Energocontract are design and development, manufacture and sale of heat-resistant personal protective equipment.

Our company mission is to provide workers of  electrical power, oil and gas, transport, metallurgy and other industries with reliable and comfortable Personal Protective Equipment of highest quality.


Strategic task is to develop and strengthen the company's leading position at the market of heat resistant personal protective equipment.

Main principles of Quality Management Policy of Energocontract are the following:

    1. Customer-focused work
    2. Leadership of the top management
    3. Involvement of the personnel
    4. Process approach to Quality Management
    5. System approach to Quality Management
    6. Constant improvement
    7. Facts-based decision making
    8. Involving suppliers in ensuring high quality of the products

Administration of the Group of companies undertake that the Energocontract quality management system fully complies with ISO 9001.

The present Policy applies to all departments of the following companies: CJSC “FPG Energocontract”, CJSC "NPO Energocontract", CJSC "Energocontract-Tomilino", LLC "New knitting technologies ", which comprise the Group of companies Energocontract.

Chairman of the Board,

Alexander Bolshunov