• BIO’s TOP® garment has passed series of laboratory as well as natural condition tests and has got all necessary certificates which confirm a high level of permanent protective properties of the apparel and its safety for humans. This is the first anti-ticks apparel tested according to strict requirements of Science and Research Institute of Desinfectology (ROSPOTREBNADZOR) (MR. 3.5.0026-11).

    Some extracts from the Science and Research Institute of Desinfectology (ROSPOTREBNADZOR) report:

    “BIO’s TOP® apparel’s protective effectiveness against dangerous arthropods surpasses all other well-known existing anti-ticks garments”.
    “When properly used, BIO’s TOP® garments ensure next to 100% protection against ticks and tick-borne diseases including encephalitis and other dangerous diseases borne by ticks on the territory of the Russian Federation and higher than 90% protection against other bloodsucking insects”.
    “BIO’s TOP® garments are safe for human health and can be recommended for production and usage, when following recommended application conditions”.

  • Laboratory tests

    The apparel has passed all necessary laboratory tests which allow evaluating the level of protection and its ergonomic design. A test of such kind is the one for evaluating effectiveness of acaricide treatment of fabric under a special technology.

    Complete paralyzing effect takes place after 4-6 minutes in average after a tick gets in contact with the treated fabric. BIO’s TOP® apparels made of heat-resistant fabrics have passed all necessary electric arc and open flame tests.