First delivery of PPE made by ENERGOCONTRACT to the EU

The Personal Protective Equipment developed by Group of Companies ENERGOCONTRACT for Russian welders has found use in metallurgy: WELDER-TERMOLUX sets are now protecting lives and health of workers of LECON metallurgical plant  in Riga (Latvia). This is the first delivery of the Company’s products to a EU country.

WELDER-TERMOLUX sets consisting of a protective garment, an apron and oversleeves had been tested by Latvian steel-makers during hot metal and slag draining processes. The works are carried out a short distance from an open furnace at 1800 °С.

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“It is a lightweight, comfortable, safe garment which does meet our requirements. I consider this product developed by our Russian partners to be a unique one. Our company management has made a decision to provide all workers of our foundries and workshops with WELDER-TERMOLUX sets on a mandatory basis”, said Leonid Kopyl, Managing director of LEKON.  

“A small first step often becomes the beginning of a long road. This first delivery is likely to become a start of Russian protective garments deliveries to the EU”, the director added. 

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