Rugrids-Electro 2014: Future of the Russian power industry means innovations

The International Forum Rugrids-Electro ended in Moscow at October 17. CEO of Rossetti Oleg Budargin during his opening speech highlighted that Rossetti work on the principle of adoption of innovations and new developments. Successful collaboration with research institutes and domestic manufacturers was mentioned as the priority of the company.

Oleg Budargin together with the First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Alexander Torshin visited a booth of one of  domestic manufacturers during  their tour of the exhibition. Group of companies Energocontract has been implementing the local manufacturing content in Russia since 2007, creating a complete industrial chain for producing heat-resistant PPE. In 2014 the company initiated a new stage of the project by starting up its own weaving facility in Russia.

Recently Energocontract produced  the first meter of Russian aramid fabric, traditions of manufacturing aramid fabrics once successfully used in Russia  being lost in the 1990s. While presenting the first samples  Chairman of the Board of Energocontract Group Alexander Bolshunov emphasized: "There would have been neither textile complex nor aramid fabric made in Russia without our collaboration with energy companies and long-term contracts”.

_DSC4476_s.jpg*The first meter of Russian aramid fabric made by Energocontract