Energocontract designed a new safety wear to protect from chainsaw cuts

Energocontract professionals designed a brand new ARMEX® set of safety wear which stops chainsaw teeth at 20 mps. The garment was developed under request of power-grid companies and it fully complies both with Russian and European Safety Standards (EN 381-11:2003, EN 381-5:1995, UNE-EN 381-10:2003, EN ISO 13934-2:1999).

As a result of the checkup in the International testing Center AITEX, when the garment’s sleeves, yoke and pants were cut with a chainsaw at different angles, ARMEX® was awarded chainsaw protection Class 1. Due to specific design features and a combination of materials it stops the chainsaw teeth at 20 mps and protects professionals from cuts as its extra-strong inner layers contain fiber which instantly blocks rotating chainsaw teeth by winding around them.

In accordance with European standards ARMEX® has successfully passed ergonomics, hygienic, vapor permeability, absence of harmful substances tests, which guarantees workers safety and comfort when at work.