ARMEX garment for chain saw cuts protection: tested –no cuts!

The ARMEX workwear developed by Energocontract can stop chain saw teeth moving at speed 20 m/sec. Its high protective properties were once again confirmed by testing. The ARMEX garment was tested in the largest European research center of textile products.Армэкс (2).jpgS69A0563.MOV_snapshot_00.23_[2014.07.04_18.30.45].jpg

"There are several standards for chain saw cuts protection garments in Europe EN 381-5:1995 and EN 381-11:2003 among them. The standards imply requirements to garments design, protective layers, as well as testing methods and classification of PPE by levels. Both standards have been harmonized in Russia, but the problem is that there are no laboratories accredited for testing such garments in Russia”, - said Alexander Aryshkov, Director of Testing and Certification Department of Energocontract Group. - “Therefore we have conducted all necessary tests in Europe, where they’ve got  an extensive experience in  certification of such products."
By today ARMEX garments have passed all necessary tests and trial wears in electric grid companies. First deliveries of the protective wear have been made to the JSC Federal Grid Company.