The key focus of the Group of companies Energocontract is to provide the highest quality of protection for professionals involved in fuel and energy, transport, forestry, metallurgy industries from professional hazards. We achieve this primary goal of securing people’s lives not only by supplies, but also through collaboration with our customers and strategic partners.

Protective gear produced by the Company proved highly efficient and saved hundreds of lives in accidents.

Around 15 years ago our specialists were the first in Russia to create a garment that protects from electric arc. Today we offer more than 250 sets of personal equipment protecting from thermal and biological hazards, mechanical damages, etc.

We use our own R&D center and high-profile production facilities to develop and manufacture complex multi-functional safety wear tailored to the needs of customers and specific features of every industry. Our innovations include:

1) BIO's TOP® unique set protecting from ticks and bloodsucking insects;
2) Garment for welders resistant to sparks and molten metal spatters which slide down the surface of fabric;
3) Rescuer’s protective gear of the highest protection class according to European Standards;
4) A new collection of arc-protective safety wear ENERGO®, providing exceptional quality in thermal resistance and comfort at work;
5) ARMEX® work wear protecting from chainsaw cuts;
6) Energoform collection protecting from electric fields and induced voltage.

All Energocontract products undergo careful and thorough quality assurance tests, which prove consistently high results exceeding Russian and International Standards.

Energocontract quality management complies with ISO 9001:2008 and the internal policy of the Company, based on continuous improvement of products and business processes. Our products comply with the highest standards and requirements of DuPont™, hence the fact that Energocontract is the only Russian certified Partner of the International Quality Program (DuPont™ Nomex® Partner Program).

For 20 years we have been doing our best to make the most efficient safety wear and guard professionals from workplace hazards. Each garment produced by Energocontract has become a symbol of safety, due to years of research, scientific exploration, laboratory test, breakthroughs and success.

Stay safe!


  • The company was founded and made its first deliveries of workwear and footwear to RAO UES of Russia.


  • Company professionals in cooperation with CJSC Enegroform developed screening sets and started deliveries to Irkutskenergo.

  • Our specialists started designing the first Russian electric arc protective wear. Having studied all heat-resistant materials at the market Energocontract concentrated on Nomex® fibre and started cooperation with DuPont™.


  • First Russian heat-resistant protective garments were tested for resistance to open flame and electric arc under Standards EN531 and IEC61482.1 in DuPont™ International Testing Centre, Switzerland.

    Gosstandart RF (the State Committee for Standardization and Metrology) officially authorized the test results.


  • Energocontract was included in DuPont™ Nomex® International Quality Program (Nomex® Partner Program).


  • Company professionals designed the first collection of PPE protecting from electric arc, which successfully passed a series of certification tests at DuPont™ Arc-Man® and DuPont™ Thermo-Man®.

  • The Company developed and initiated production of footwear collection for electricians.


  • Energocontract won the first united tender of RAO Unified Energy System(RAO UES) for supplies of heat-resistant PPE to all member companies of the Holding.

    The Company became a member of the Technical PPE Standardization Committee TK - 320 “SIZ”.

    First supplies of protective wear to oil and gas industry were made.


  • PPE produced by Energocontract went through tests in the International Center Kinectrics Inc. in Canada.

    Energocontract became the largest European manufacturer of protective workwear of Nomex®.

    The Company business processes were certified according to Standards ISO 9001:2000 and GOST R ISO 9001:2000.


  • Energocontract started cooperation with JSC Russian railways.

    We launched our own 15 700m2 research and production center.


  • Energocontract started cooperation with the test laboratory of Textile Technological Institute AITEX (Spain).

    Research center EMPA (Switzerland) carried out the first testing of our PPE.

    Our professionals designed a fire-entry suitwith the 1st level of protection (BOP-1).

    Company experts developed and launched production of heat-resistant materials under the brand TERMOL® made of aramid fiber.


  • We finalized the development and started supplies of 100% efficient anti-tick safety wear Bio’sTop®, together with supplies of its cotton model for the mass market.


  • Energocontract presented a collection Welder-TERMOLUX® protecting from sparks and metal spatters.

    Our experts developed heat-resistant fabric laminated with membrane used for production of thermo-resistant raincoats and switching jackets.

    We launched production of light-weight heat-resistant collection Comfort (made of 180 g/m2 fabric) meant for hot weather conditions.


  • Energocontract introduced an overall Rescuer - TERMOLUX® for emergency works.


  • We developed an innovative collection ENERGO®, combining ultimate protection and ergonomic design.

    Energocontract was included in “Responsible and honest supplier – 2012” Federal List.


  • We started construction of our owna weaving facility.

    Enegrocontract was proud to announce a milestone of one million pairs in footwear production.

    Energocontract professional developed ARMEX® collection of safety wear protecting from chainsaw cuts.

To be continued…